Code is code

Life: energy first, or information first? Entropy / Energy. Erasing information. Laplace’s demon.

We’re always travelling – we’re always in flux

Nothing can be described, there are no solid truths, since that entails a mind in flux capturing a universe in flux

There’s very limited overlap (if any at all) between symbolic language and what it tries to represent

McKenna: Enlightened ideas can never be communicated

The TAO that can be articulated is not the real TAO

Cratylism: reality can never be captured in language

Creation, life, consciousness, technology, AI, nature of reality, quantum mechanics, TAO, relationsships, economy/society, value creation, trade, money => I want maximum perspective



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    • You definitely took LSD, Syding.

      I drew similar scribbles and wrote similar phrases.

      “We’re always travelling – we’re always in flux” or “Our senses have been adapted to our environment.” Everything has a deeper a meaning that clicks into your head, but to everyone else it’s just a phrase. Then you come down, and it all looks insane.

      IIRC, you said you never did nor ever will do acid. ;)

      • Many moons ago I used to have sudden clear insights and great ideas when I was high, but I could never remember them the next day.

        One time I planned ahead and got toasted by myself, with pencil and paper handy (many moons ago, like I said). In the morning I consulted the notes I had taken.

        I never smoked weed again.

  2. PS I think the whole theory of memes is defective and the analogy with genes ridiculous. “Memes” is a fair descriptor for certain superficial trivia, like the “song stuck in my head” phenomenon, but the biological natural selection paradigm is irrelevant to behavior.

  3. PPS “learned” behavior. Also, if reality can never be captured in language, your definition of reality is too restrictive. Plato was a chump.

  4. Time to do a detailed post about the current economical situation! Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • In short: We’re down 33%. My base case if the corona situation develops in a benign and controlled fashion is another -33% (to a total of -55%). That should take most stocks to fair value, and enable fundamentally based investments.

      If things turn ugly we could see a third -33% (to a total of -70%), and given the adverse effects on the economy that would still not be cheap, just fair. Worst case scenario is a fourth -33% (for a total drop of 80%) on top of the first 3.

      I expect maximum quarantine/lockdowns in most of Europe by end April and maximum US by end of May (with perhaps 50m US citizens infected). Maybe stocks will bottom by then, since everything about this crash is faster, bigger, more frequent than usual. But the recession and financial crises that follow will probably take markets to a lower low further down the line. In any case we should see a bottom for stocks within 12 months from now, as long as we don’t get a second virus attack of a different strain (unlikely but could happen).

      Volatility will be much higher than anybody expects except Hussman. We could see rallies and drops by 20% on single days (circuit brakes prevent more than 20% and closes the market for the rest of the day).

      If central planners manages to lift markets with a quadrillion in helicopter money, gold will rise even more. I would take every opportunity to load up on gold and Bitcoin now that they are falling with the rest of the market due to margin calls. And 6 months from now silver might bottom at ridiculous levels and provide the real buying opportunity of the century – or at least the decade. Maybe silver will rise by 1000% from 7 or 10 to around 100 in the coming years. And gold could go to 5000 or 10000 after the current little correction.

      NB, NO recommendations given here. Do your own research. I hold no licences and I never give recommendations to buy or sell financial instruments or anything else.

      • Thanks for weighing in. I’m always amazed that the *experts* who constantly make largely useless predictions on the way up can never be found on the way down. Even fundamentals are subject to opinion and facts are hard to come by. A little crowd sourcing by smart people helps everyone find tradeable bottoms.

  5. ” there are no solid truths, since that entails a mind in flux capturing a universe in flux”

    is this true? If so you just found an absolute truth. It is then contradictory becuase if no truth is possible, bot even that truth is possible – so you can instead know absolutely that the original statment is false. And thats absolutely true. Forever and unchanging.

    Focus not on matter, focus on the trancendent. Numbers and logic do not change. It is theee tou find God.

    Read aquinas!

    Read swinburne!

    Read Plantinga!

    New age is a red herring. Search God instead.

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