Future Skills – the podcast and community devoted to preparing for accelerating change

On Monday March 19, 2018, we officially launched the podcast “Future Skills”

The podcast and the Future Skills community (apply for membership in the Facebook group here) are devoted to making you ready for accelerating change. Our ambition is to provide you with inspiration, tools and methods to stay relevant in a future where human evolutionary mismatches and maladapted biases otherwise risk making you increasingly irrelevant.

Check out the first 10-minute episode, about how to organize your knowledge effectively, here on iTunes:


The logo picture above links to the show’s page on iTunes website. If you want to go directly to the iTunes application to rate the show and leave a review (please do, as it helps others find the show) follow the same link and then click the “View in iTunes” button.

You can find Future Skills on iTunes and Stitcher; and it should be available on most other popular podcast apps as well. If you can’t find it on your platform, try subscribing manually by copying and pasting the following RSS feed into your podcast app: http://futureskillspodcast.libsyn.com/rss

We have released three episodes of the show. Two short format episodes, and one longer format conversation with Martin Sandquist, who’s one of the founders of Lynx, one of Europe’s largest and most successful hedgefunds.

  • Commonplacing – what is it and why should you do it?
  • Mood gauging – how to double your creativity
  • Martin Sandquist – a conversation on cryptocurrencies, gold, societal changes and much more


On Future Skills’ homepage you’ll find competitions, bonus material, courses and other information about the show.


Bonus give aways

During the launch in March writing a review could land you with a few bottles of high grade Omega-3 rich fish oil and our write up of billionaire investor Martin Sandquist’s best ideas.

10 people will win a 15 minute Skype video consultation with me, Karl-Mikael Syding + 3 bottles of ArcticMed Omega-3 Fish Oil


(1) Leave an iTunes review on the podcast within the first 14 days.
(2) Send an email to admin@futureskillspodcast.com with your iTunes review user name.
(3) Winners will be notified through email.

Did you enjoy the show? Thank you for helping us by rating us and writing a short review here on iTunes (clicking opens the iTunes website for Future Skills, where you can click the “View in iTunes” button)




  1. Could be some good stuff there.

    My comment is please provide transcripts of the pod casts. I can read a 30 minute speech in 3-5 minutes, and determine if it’s a subject that interests me in 1 minute.

    Also, please lose facebook. The cost in privacy is too high. I’ve never signed up for it and make an effort to keep my browsing free of their influences.

  2. Great Podcasts thank you! Please keep them coming. The book suggestions in the first podcast were excellent! I am not on facebook also !

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