Post-Human books 1-4 are FREE through January 21. No strings. None.

Did you see my post about books the other day?

Perhaps you noticed my fascination for technology and science fiction (in particular if it has a libertarian streak).


My all time favorite sci-fi book series is Post-Human by David Simpson, which should have been clear from my earlier book post. The series is hard core nanotech and strong AI sci-fi, with very versatile characters and surprising (and many, many) turn of events. Read it and thank me later (like Zoloo from Mongolia did the other day, when he finally got through his book list and opened his Post-Human)

I just learned (at Facebook) that BookBub is giving away the first 4 books in the series for free (downloadable from Amazon). If you were the least bit interested in reading Post-Human, this is your chance. Download it NOW and keep it for later.

BookBub will of course try to enlist you. Do as you wish with that, but the download is completely free with no strings attached.


Follow this link (or any of the above) to download Post-Human for FREE until January 21.



  1. That’s a great news. I really like, how this book is marketed.
    Handing out for a free, is a great movement to gain more readership :)

    And part 6 will be coming soon, so people need to read it to devour pt. 5 and 6.

  2. Thanks for the link Mr. Syding!

    I got the first Post-Human book Sub-Human as an audio book and I finished it fast after I downloaded it. Now I can read all the Post-Human books for free! The first book actually made me want to switch my major in college to Computer Science. I have a strong interest in biology, specifically neuroscience, and I’d like to be one of the people one day that help pioneer A.I. The next book for me to read on your list is How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes. Also, send me your e-book! I’m very interested in entrepreneurship and finance and I’d love to learn from your experience. I can’t say I’ve been a loyal e-mail subscriber for that long because I just discovered you, but I’ll be sure to be now because I really enjoy your content. Keep writing :)


  3. Thanks Timothy


    : )

    My book just might not be ready before January is over. I’ve been getting a lot of valuable input from a few friends, and I am making the book a little longer (and much more readable).

    Great to hear you’re reading my two favorite items: “Post-Human” and “How…”. Very different but equally good. I’m sure David Simpson would love to hear about your almost switching majors. He lives for that sort of news.

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