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So far I really love the course!

It's surely more work than I thought to understand all of it (math and logic doesn't really come naturally to me, I am a psychologist by career and humanities oriented my entire life), but it provides me with the exact hobby/intellectual challenge that I was looking for. I also really like the overall background of you Mikael and Ludvig (long time fan of Ludvig's blog) and how the lectures are structured and taught.

The overall system seems to me much more thorough and well thought (esp. the emphasis on the P = FxV formula and the overall picture it so far gave me) of than anything else I found online in my two or so humble weeks of being interested in investing. I am very impressed as yet!

Thanks for bringing this to English.

Glad to hear this can help Karl! Of course, use it with a name, would be glad to spread this course, I take it for an excellent investment that I've made. Best of luck with marketing of this, it's a really awesome system!!


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  1. Do you provide coaching or mentoring services for the aspiring millionaire? I would be very interested and any of these services to learn how to get to your level. Thank you.

  2. Hey man, this is a really cool blog. You are helping others by providing insights about what is really going on in real life.
    Do you have any plan to transfer your old posts in “alwaysbebrucewayne” blog in this new blog?
    Because i used to read your blog everytime as a reference.

    btw, I work in an IT industry (Developer), Actually I came from third world country, then read a lot of blogs, work my ass off and find a work in First world country. Manage to accelerate my income 4x fold. (tips from wallstreet playboys)

    Im currently 24, just starting my career.
    Please keep on writing.

    You are like the Father of Wallstreet Playboys.

    1. Good to hear about your career and taking positive action. Well done!

      I don’t have any plans for transferring my old articles, but I’ll probably link to my own articles every now and then, as well as write on the same topics again.

  3. Hi Mikael,
    Would have made more sense for me to have sent this to you by email but I couldn’t find it on the page.

    I was reading a book Thinking Fast and Slow. You might have read it as its about behavioral economics. Something mentioned in there reminded me of what you mentioned about your not having the experience of “time flying” because you were truly living it (or something along those lines). In case you haven’t read the book heres a TED talk about it:

    My question is do you not think that it the nature of the “remembering self” vs. the “experiencing self” that might have something to do with your perception of time vs. that of others?

    1. Hi, my e-mail is included in every post update that I send out over e-mail, but perhaps you use Feedly instead?

      Anyway, it’s

      Yes, I’ve read the book and seen the TED talk.

      It’s definitely partly a question of remembering self and experiencing self. My life is NOT like a colonoscopy :)

      However there is more to the story. Remember that Kahneman’s findings are quite dated. I had already read more or less everything in his book while I was in business school 1990-94… Today the field of brain plasticity and the importance of novelty for brain health as well as life quality has exploded in just the last 5-10 years.

      Typically, when people get older they experience less new things (the walk the same streets, see the same people etc) and thus the brain doesn’t need to create new circuits. This causes unnecessarily premature dementia as well as less “milestones”. The more milestones the fuller and slower the life feels, but old people tend to experience fewer and fewer milestones and thus feel their lives rush by.

      1. Actually, the last sentence is what I was asking about. In other words does your “remembering self” remember a lot more milestones because of all the varied thrilling experiences you’ve had in a year, which are the “moments” you remember it by?

        So are you perhaps subconsciously comparing the number of such moments last year vs. how many you had in youth, and a year feels like a lot more? Whereas this isn’t the case with other men of the same age?

        1. That’s exactly what I think is going on here, which also fits with plasticity research and Kahneman’s findings.

  4. What even is justification?

    Is anything justified in the world, or is the world just a habitat and we are animals like our relatives the chimps. When entropy rises too much and some disaster occurs such as a terrorist attack or a nuclear explosion which whom all defy productivity but aren’t they the product of short term attempted gain, exactly no?

    I would argue yes because USA funded Al Qaeda, they wanted total dominance, you have to win before the others to make sure you can cheat later on right. So terrorism spans as a direct result from conflicts because of entropy that rose.

    Herbivores are not cannibalistic but wait, if there is only one patch of grass and two buck, the last to eat is the one whom will not eat at all because the first buck will have the energy to roam more while the last has no more energy.

    Relatable right?

    I have so many Ideas on my blog that I am throwing around Mikael, I’m at Bocconi maybe you have heard about it? Could you take a look.

    Gracias amigo.

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