The one best cold prevention that keeps getting ignored

Just One More (drop of oil)

-or how I stopped getting colds 9 years ago, and increased my bench press by over 25% to 310 lbs


“Just one more” -That’s my mantra, my “indulgence cum discipline” maxim, my reminder of just getting going, always prototyping, always improving & growing, one of the pillars of my Always Be Investing way of life.


The one thing that matters above all else is your health

Please note before reading this article that you will be exposed to a lot of semi nude pictures of yours truly, not to mention completely unabashed plugging of my affiliate link to an Omega-3 supplement outfit.


There is one thing that stands out among my self improvement and investing life hacks, in terms of bang for the buck (yes, there is actual banging, but also bucks – about one a day): Omega-3 Oil from ArcticMed.

It will make you stronger, prettier, smarter, healthier, prevent cancer, live longer and not least prevent inflammations and common colds. The reason it has all these effects is that Omega-3 oil optimizes and strengthens every single cell in the body.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself…


When did you get a cold?

Last winter? The year before that? The average person gets a cold every second year, so you’re not that different. But is average enough for you, if there is a simple solution?

I had a sore throat in 2006. That’s 9 years ago. And it’s me in the pic below…


40+ managing director on liquid oil Omega-3

Got your attention yet?


Nothing magical here, just science

I’m actually not an anomaly, I used to get 2-3 colds a year like everybody else (probably more so, due to leading a life on the edge with travelling, partying, working out etc.), but now it’s been almost a decade since I last had a fever or a sore throat.

Before 2006, every time I upped my workout sessions a cold would follow. Every time I had a few too many nights out, I would get the sniffles and shivers for a week.

Yep, that’s right, during 14-21 days a year I had a fever, a sore throat, felt cold and weak and missed workouts. I thought that was the way life was – at least for a finance worker (long hours, lots of wine and champagne, and then hard partying during the short vacations to wind down).

To make bad things worse, between 2000 and 2006 I was slowly getting weaker (inevitably due to old age, I thought), and even had to cut down on the number of workout sessions per week from 5 to 4 to 3 one-hour sessions, and was just about to go down to just 2 workouts per week, as I was constantly feeling over trained.

Once I started drinking Omega-3 oil, I soon gave up the idea of reducing to 2 workouts/week, and after 6 months I felt an urge to increase my load to 4 times/week instead. Now, for social reasons, I’m down at 3.5/week but 2 hours per session instead of 1h/session, meaning I’m working out more than double the amount I used to before oil.


The turning point, natural bottled Omega-3 oil supplement

Then I made three changes, instead of 100% meat, I switched to 50% fish. I started chewing probiotics, and a little later, I commenced drinking Omega-3 oil from ArcticMed (affiliate link, I don’t get paid but I get reduced prices on oil, if you order enough)

All the advice on the internet touts the same remedies: vitamin-C, wash your hands, sleep, don’t drink alcohol, zinc, vitamin-D, and what have you, but hardly ever a word about Omega-3 oil (maybe, just maybe a mention of capsules, which I’ll show are inferior to oil)



What does Omega-3 actually do?

To start with, you can’t cure the common cold. Once the virus gets access to the cell’s nano machinery in the core, it’s game over and you have to ride it out. No vitamins, minerals, supplements, witchcraft or saunas will help at that point.

If you had taken Omega-3 oil regularly before, the fight against the virus infection will probably be shorter and easier, and many times the infection would never have happened at all. This is how it works:


The cell membrane is like a bag with transportation holes in it, “channels”. The bag is made of Omega-3 and Omega-6 molecules, among other things. The right balance between the two gives the bag just the right properties for the channels to work optimally, i.e., only letting the pre-approved materials pass in and out of the cell. A virus will find it hard to get up close to a cell at all in an Omega-3-balanced body, and even if it does, it will find it more difficult to bore a hole in the membrane and actually infect the cell once there.

All else regarding supplements is more or less noise. The Omega-3-balance really is the alpha and omega of infections, of a strong immune system, of insulin sensitivity, of healthy brain neurons etc.

If you can just get this one thing right, making the cell bags as supple and strong as possible with the right Omega-3 balance, you will have taken a giant leap for bodily (including recovery from injury, DOMS or exhaustion) and mental health. Yes, you heard me right there – it helps against Alzheimers, stroke, ADD and other neurological diseases as well.

Everything else from cinnamon to garlic and breathing techniques when moving in crowded areas etc. affect the junior part of the 80/20 ratio when it comes to preventing infections.


Note 1: Fix those cell membranes, the “bags”. These guys:


Optimize your Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio

In Europe, people typically have 10 times or more as much Omega-6 as Omega-3. In the US it’s over 20 (and of course much higher for certain areas, levels of education, social groups etc). Indian cities show levels over 40 (!) while the country side is way healthier at 5x. Eskimos, however, are down at 2 or below.

Historically, just a few generations ago, the average human had just 2x as much Omega-6 as Omega-3. And that’s where we find wild animals today. And coincidentally, yours truly (2.0).

ArcticMed has distilled the profile of a kind of “ideal” average person from the very best blood samples among several thousand tested persons. That ideal* person has an Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio of 2.4.

* The average of the 5%, of 9000 tested people, with over 8% Omega-3 index, less than 3:1 in ratio between Omega-6 and Omega-3, and less than 1% trans fat 

ArcticMed has yet to find anybody having too low a 6:3 ratio or too much Omega-3 in their bodies (though I’m pretty close, since I have, e.g., 1.5x the level of DHA than even the “ideal” top 5%), but theoretically, if you have (much) more Omega-3 than Omega-6 (a ratio of less than 1) the cell “bag” might get too loose and floppy.

For simplicity, ArcticMed concludes that a ratio of between 1 and 3 is desirable, 2.0 is optimal, 2.4 is the average of the very best (the 5% of 9000 tested). Any level above 5 should be corrected by changing the diet.

Did I mention I’m at 2.0?

And, I have not had a cold in 9 years, remember? Typically, I would have suffered through 20-30 harsh colds during that interval.


It’s not just colds, it’s everything that involves cells. Duh!

The right Omega-3 balance makes every cell in the body work better, communicate better, protect itself better and so on.

The right balance has been associated with (partial) remedies for allergy, asthma, ADHD, ADD, obesity, diabetes, migraine, insomnia, stress related diseases, schizophrenia, lung cancer, stress, serotonin, blood pressure, body temperature, sex, appetite, learning, memory, breast cancer, menopause issues, shortening of telomeres (and thus increased longevity) and restless legs.

And, yes, you’ll become smarter too, not to mention get better skin quality. 

40+ managing director on Omega-3

Please note, that I’m not a medical doctor and can’t be held responsible for any of the above. It’s supposed to be reliable though. Check this link, e.g.


Liquid natural fish oil is so much better than capsules

Capsules are for convenience; they don’t taste oil or fish and they are easy to bring on vacations. However, they contain only minuscule amounts of the active components. In many cases you would have to eat 20 capsules a day to reach the same dosage as less than one table spoon of fish oil.

In addition, capsules are sometimes “concentrated”, which means important parts of the wide complex of fatty acids in fish oil has been cut out to make room for more of the two famous key components EPA and DHA. Without the entire complex of fatty acids present, actual delivery to the cells of the key components becomes much less efficient. hence you should eat even more capsules to achieve the same effect.

I like my life convenient

At 40 capsules a day, it’s starting to get quite inconvenient, not to mention expensive.

It’s not only the dosage per se that is an issue. There are other fish oils, apart from ArcticMed’s, on the market which contain the whole FA complex and provide the same dosage as ArcticMed. However, the fatty acids oxidize easier both in the bottle and in the body without extra protection.

ArcticMed scouts Europe every year for the optimal fat soluble anti oxidant rich extra virgin olive oil to mix with its Friend Of The Sea approved fish oil from the south Atlantic to protect it against oxidization. ArcticMed’s fish and olive oil mix withstands 27 hours at 70 degrees Celsius before oxidizing, whereas natural fish oil only lasts a tenth as long (3-4 hours) and the contents of the concentrated capsules less than an hour.


Flax seed oil you say? Don’t get me started

In theory the ALA contents of flax seed oil can be converted to Omega-3 in the body. In practice, however, if there isn’t enough Omega-3 to start with, if the balance is off, then the conversion chain is disrupted and more Omega-6 is produced instead! Or something like that, I didn’t quite get all the details down on paper during the seminar.  


ArcticMed’s Omega-3 oil is superior in all respects

Hence, all in all, ArcticMed’s Omega-3 oil is actually both cheaper and more convenient than capsules, when focusing on actual cell delivery and end effect on the Omega-3 balance in the body. As an added bonus, the particular olive oil ArcticMed uses protects against LDL cholesterol oxidization and neurological diseases such as ALS, & MS and the high content of oleocanthal has been shown to kill cancer cells in less than an hour in lab tests.



The ArcticMed olive oil has a fascinating story itself

To make the right olive oil for use in ArcticMed’s products you need among other things the right type of olive, the right elevation above sea level, the right harvest temperature (the levels and composition of of anti oxidants can change within hours), and harvest timing (he only uses olive oil from the first week of harvest every year!)​

The founder and Managing Director, Mikael Marcko, starts with screening this year’s olive oils according to industry standard tests. Then he proceeds with more nuanced, and expensive, tests for the 3-4 prospects that met the basic “hygiene” levels.

He’s hunting for a handful of important antioxidants (including the cancer killing oleocanthal that gives you that dry cough, burning throat feeling and tears up your eyes, and hydroxytyrosol which can prevent blood cell oxidization, in other words atherosclerosis) with documented health effects. The lengths he goes to actually make other producers and purchasers shake their heads in disbelief.

He only accepts the very best health effect and oxidization protection, even if consumers don’t yet appreciate it fully. Starting this year, Mikael Marcko has offered for sale, separately, whatever surplus olive oil he can spare after mixing and bottling the fish oil. This year it’s only 1100 numbered 500ml bottles of olive oil.  If you start buying regularly from ArcticMed, I guess I can forget getting any olive oil for myself in the future. 

40+ managing director on Omega3


SUMMARY – Faster, Harder, Omega3 Oiler

I’ve dodged 2-3 colds a year for almost a decade, I’ve increased my workout sessions from falling toward 2/week to my current regime of 3.5/week  and they are twice as long as they used to be.

Not only can I train more than twice as much, and harder, I stopped my strength from falling, and increased my bench press from 110kg to 140kg in a few years (+27% from 240lbs to 310lbs). In my very late thirties and early forties!

I’m over 40 in all pictures in this post (42-43 in the majority), after 20+ years of high finance


I think you could achieve something similar, if you currently have a poor Omega-3 balance (most likely) and you choose to correct it with Omega-3 supplements (preferably with extra protection against oxidization), or lots and lots of fatty fish (mackerel, herring and salmon every day).

Coming clean: Just to be perfectly clear about my medical history the last decade, after my sore throat and six days in a row without working out in 2006, I’ve actually had a few small skirmishes with possible infections:

At four different occasions during the four years 2009-2012, I felt ill and had an itchy throat for 1-2 days after really heavy binge drinking and generally bad behavior during travels. In addition, I was home from work (!) during two days, January 24-25, 2013, in what probably was a cold, but it passed quickly and I didn’t miss any workouts.


So what should you do now?

1. buy Omega-3 oil from ArcticMed, and start downing 10-15 ml a day if you are a big guy (200 lbs, like I am). I just learned today (August 25, 2015) that ArcticMed’s products can be bought through, but still no shipping to the U.S.

2. or eat lots and lots of fatty fish (150g of mackerel or salmon a day, every day) and reduce your intake of land-living animals, in particular if they aren’t certified grass fed

3. perhaps check your Omega-3 index (recommended over 8%) and Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio to see what your starting point is. Anything above 5:1 should be corrected – with higher levels than that, your body is a bug waiting for a windshield.

4. get fish oil; if you can’t get hold of ArcticMed’s Omega-3 oil, get the best non concentrated natural fish oil you can find, treat it gently and keep it cold and dark and finish it quickly. And, a wild guess, perhaps mix it at home with a high quality olive oil and store it like that. In the fridge.

5. If you have Omega-3 capsules at home, stop taking 1-3 a day and start taking 15/day or more (check the label; you want to get 2000-3000 mg Omega3 a day – more if the capsules are concentrated and thus less effective). 12ml of ArcticMed’s natural fish/olive oil mix gives you 2900 mg polyunsaturated fats of which 2600mg Omega3, of which 1270mg EPA, 210mg DPA and 840mg DHA, plus 2.1 mg polyphenols.

OMG 6 like a beast (Omg-6 to Omg-3 ratio =2.0)


Stocks and health… can it get any better? I don’t think so, so hurry up and subscribe to my newsletter and read the “Retarded” eBook about my career and the coming stock crash


Note about my affiliation with ArcticMed

I don’t get any cash money for writing this or advocating ArcticMed’s products. I just like the stuff and want to share my positive experiences. I do get better prices, though, if you buy enough through my affiliate link.

Last Friday, I finally listened to a lecture by the founder, and actually took notes (!). That’s why I’m writing this, to make sure I and you have a reference article in the future for why we became AM oilers.

I’ve heard bits and pieces of it informally, since I began taking the oil, but this is the first time in a more structured form.


My unedited notes in Swedish from the seminar (and some pics to drive the message home):

Omega-3 has got my back, but the squat bar not so much
Omega 3 gives you bang for the buck

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46 Replies to “The one best cold prevention that keeps getting ignored”

    1. I have no idea, but if you take pictures of the most well known I can check.

      You should be able to do that yourself: natural liquid bottled fish oil, not concentrated or ‘refined’ in any way (preferably with HQ olive oil added, but unlikely you’ll find any).

  1. Do you have any suggestions for studies on he subject? For the effect of omega 3/6 balance in general or the antioxidant effect of olive oil and the Omega3 need for it specifically?

    1. The research paper at this URL has 724 reference studies listed at the end.

      I friend of mine is writing something more accessible on the matter which will be out in a couple of weeks I think. Possibly earlier.

    1. Not yet unfortunately, but if interest increases going forward I’m sure it’s coming.

      I’m just a happy user of the product and want to make people aware of the nuances on the Omega-3 market.

    1. Numera äter jag enbart Omega-3, probiotika (BioGaia) (och D-vitamin på vintern). Inga andra tillskott (OK då, ibland tar jag c-vitamin och vätskeersättning tillsammans med huvudvärkstabletter när jag har festat, men inte särskilt ofta).

      För länge sedan, jag minns inte när, åt jag multivitamineral och liknande (Apoteket hade någon “Man, Sport”) för at kompensera för i övrigt enformiga måltider. Och för ännu mycket längre sedan har jag testat åtminståne Magnesium och Kalium samt Niacin, men då pratar vi om 20-25 år sedan, eller mer. Jag kommer således inte ihåg några effekter. Huvudpoängen med min entusiasm för Omega-3 är att mitt liv kan delas in i Före O3 och Efter O3 med två helt olika personer. Alla andra försök före O3 var således meningslösa, och efter O3 är det det enda jag behöver (+D-vitamin, vilket eventuellt är overkill för jag har aldrig haft vår/vinter-depressioner)

  2. Hej,

    Intressant ämne. Hur “hemsk” är smaken? Går den att gömma i smoothie? I så fall är jag spekulant…(för mina barns räkning).

    1. Jag är helt fel person att fråga sånt. Jag tycker nästan aldrig att något smakar illa eller starkt. Jag äter chili som handfrukt och har habanero och dess starkare kusin jolokia i maten.

      Oljan känner jag inte alls trots att jag dricker den direkt ur flaskan varje dag. Den smakar definitivt inte fisk, men det höga oleocanthalinnehållet (mycket bra, det är det man vill åt) kan bränna lite i halsen om man inte tar en klunk vatten eller en tugga på en frukt efteråt. Jag skulle jämföra smaken med en antioxidantrik olivolja (första skörden för året och enbart extra kallpressad, extra virgin), vilket den ju faktiskt också innehåller.

      Jag skulle tro att den inte smakar någonting öht i en smoothie.

    1. It seems good enough. To get 1200 EPA a day you would need 4 tablespoons a day, and to get 800 DHA, 2 tablespoons/day. (See end of post for contents of 12ml of ArcticMed, which is recommended quantity for an adult at 200lbs). 2-4 tablespoons would give you 2000-4000 of Vitamin-D as well, which is what I take during winter.

      1. Thanks. I have been taking ~2 tablespoons/day.

        Obtained this one at Walmart for any fellow Canadians. Will be on look out for higher concentration. It is “lemon meringue” flavour/colour… feels like I am swallowing loads from the sun :S

  3. I wonder Mikael… what prompted you to change your diet and start getting supplements?
    Is is possible, that the change was psychological more than physical?
    I got a cold last time in July 2013. I didn’t significantly change my physical demeanour, my diet and exercise regimes are about the same and they had been about the same since January 2013.
    But my mind changed. I have something I love to do every day. I have a purpose.

    1. Anything is possible. I mean, this is hardly a randomized double blind clinical study :)

      However, I was constantly worried the coming 3-5 years that I’d get my long overdue cold, every time I got cold skiing, got cold being drunk, overreached in the gym etc. Or when finally relaxing after strenuous periods. And despite all this worry – nothing. Hence, I think, if anything I was going through more worries and more stress (in the very weird financial markets) etc than ever before.

      Also, it’s only during the last few years I have dared draw any conclusions whatsoever, since chance can always give anybody 3 years in a row without a cold and then three years in a row with 2-3 colds per year.

      1. Micke, did you also start to take Vitamin D3 at the same time as Omega-3?
        If so, then that could explain your reduced colds.

        It looks like a good product though, added olive oil is also really nice!

        1. Good guess, but no. I’ve only been taking D3 a few years.

          Probiotics though, might be a better alternative explanation, because THAT I started taking before Omega-3 oil

          All three are most likely involved, but I think fixing my omega-6:3 ratio is the most important.

  4. Att använda grundaren articmed som källa känns ju seriöst… Finns nog inget jag irriterar mig mer på än när folk använder anekdoter för att bevisa hälsofrämjande egenskaper hos en produkt.
    Riktigt lågvattenmärke på detta inlägg, tråkigt då jag uppskattat tidigare inlägg.

    Testa så kan du nog hitta lite verklig fakta.

    1. Jag ger ju faktiskt även dessa 724 undersökningar som källa, samt öppet redovisar var allt kommer från, att det mest handlar om mina egna erfarenheter samt att jag inte utger mig för att vara doktor.

      Ta det för vad det är. En glädje från min sida att ha hittat något som fungerade för mig (att det sen visade sig finnas tonvis med stödjande undersökjningar var mest tur)

      1. Du ger 724 en länk till en sida som sammanfattar 724 undersökningar. Inte riktigt samma sak.

        Dessutom verkar ingen av dem stödja din teori att omega -3 förhindrar förkylning. Snarare tvärtom “Fish oil-fed mice have impaired resistance to influenza infection.”…

        Vet inte riktigt var du hittar dessa tonvis med stödjande undersökningar?

        1. Tack för att du läser och engagerar dig så. Det gör mig glad. Det är emellertid tråkigt att höra att just den här artikeln gör dig förbannad, när den bakomliggande orsaken till artikeln är att jag är så glad att jag sluppit ett trettiotal förväntade tuffa förkylningar sedan jag började dricka Omega3-olja.


          Nej, det finns ingen bot mot förkylning. Och det finns heller inga kliniska undersökningar som visar att specifikt en låg Omega 6/Omega 3-kvot minskar risken at bli förkyld. Forskningen jag pratar om gäller alla övriga indikationer jag nämnde. Jag tror inte någon ens har kommit på tanken att göra en studie på förkylningsvirus eftersom alla vet att det inte finns någon bot.

          Huruvida en välfungerande kropp i allmånhet (där en välbalanserad kost leder en på rätt väg) gör det svårare eller inte för viruset att få fäste kan vi bara gissa. Min gissning är att om man sköter sin sömn, hygien, kost och motion så minskar risken generellt att man blir infekterad, inklusive av förkylningsvirus..

          Hela artikeln är som sagt anekdotisk, med en enda (mycket glad och entusiastisk) försöksperson. Det var tänkt att framgå.

          Vad som däremot har visats kliniskt är att en låg omega3-kvot minskar inflammationsbenägenheten i kroppen, kortar ned återhämtning efter träning eller skada, lindrar neurologiska besvär samt minskar risken för hjärt- och kärlsjukdomar.

          1. Verkar finnas mycket positivt med omega-3 det kan jag helt hålla med om.

            Men lite trött på alla sidor som beskriver sina egna hypoteser som fakta, det finns redan tillräckligt med sådana på internet.

            Jag brukar inte skriva kommentarer till blogginlägg eller andra artiklar på internet. Anledningen till att jag gjorde det nu är nog för att jag verkligen uppskattat dina andra inlägg som intressanta och roliga att läsa. Där jag fått tänka till och faktiskt lärt mig en hel del.

          2. Verkligen kul att höra.

            Jag testar mig fram i bloggandet och att skriva click-bait-rubriker är en del i det. Jag är medveten om att rubriken och innehållet inte hör ihop, och jag gillar själv inte anekdotiska “bevis”. Sånt fick jag nog av inom finans.

            Men, ibland hamnar jag snett i alla fall i skrivandet – särskilt när jag blir extra entusiastisk. Allt jag egentligen ville säga var att “Jag slutade bli förkyld, och oavsett faktisk orsak så sammanföll det med fiskolja samt att jag nådde stora personliga framgångar i gymmet – trots att det var mina mest påfrestande år i min karriär“. Sen när jag gjorde det till en artikel och en rubrik blev det överdrivet. Sorry.

  5. Just wanted to add to the ALA nonsense.

    ALA is a precursor and is supposed to be converted to the active substances in omega-3, DHA and EPA like you have been talking about. But, the problem is that less than 2% of the ALA is converted into the active substances, DHA and EPA. Pretty much makes it impossible to get any clinical doses.

    Interesting blog btw, I am a young buck soon starting my career and I am also interested in health, training and business.

    Looking forward to more interesting content :).

    1. I did write that, didn’t I? In addition it seems ALA only converts if there already is enough EPA present, making ALA completely useless.

    1. Seems to be good value for money too. Just 1$ per serving of 1.5g EPA/DHA. Great recommendation.

      My only concern is that the oil seems to be concentrated (which means parts of the fatty acid complex has been taken out, in order to concentrate more EPA/DHA per ml). Probably a minor problem and nothing to care about. Pay attention to if you experience fishy burps (indication of oxidized oil, masked by the gels)

  6. I have been taking this for nearly a year now:

    At 5ml a day, I am going to up this to 10ml for 1600mg EPA and 1000mg DHA as I still get a cold or flu each year despite this and 5000iu D3 every day.

    I will see if this gives me any further improvement, but unless I have missed some information on Carlson having inferior products, it does not seem clear if shifting to Arcitc Med is worth it at the moment.

    1. 10 ml should balance your Omegas.

      A quick note though, just because I stopped getting colds is no guarantee others will. The health effects of a low Omega-6/3 ratio, however, go much further than just cold or no cold.

    1. I’m pretty sure I answered directly over e-mail, right?

      Anyway, I like the natural one. Sometimes, however, only the lemon flavor is available and it’s actually just as good.

      The supplement you linked was surprisingly good regarding the vital components, but I suspect the manufacturer has cheated by concentrating the fish oil which means parts of the fish oil complex is missing. Not good. But, still, good enough for the time being. And at a nice price.

      1. Thank you!

        I use it regularly.

        I emailed them as well and from I understand they didn’t “cut any corners” and sourced it from Iceland.

  7. Hi Mikael,

    What ratio of olive to fish oil do you recommend if mixing on one’s own? I’m in States so can’t get ArcticMed. Thanks

    1. Not sure, but half and half can’t hurt. It’s so little anyway. Make sure to use extra virgin oil, preferably made from high altitude olives and year’s first harvest.

    1. AMED har i mina ögon en bättre sammansättning idag. Dessutom är SIMALG dyrare och svårare att få tag på avseende w-3. på sikt lovar dock SIMALG bättre och billigare. Dessutom är det helt vegetariska produkter så på sikt blir SIMALG bättre, men inte idag.

  8. Very interesting article.

    I wonder, why do you recommend 2000-3000 mg per day? That is a really high daily dose. The recommendations are much lower (I think between 250 and 500 mg). Are the recommendations too low?

    Does it have to be fish oil? I’m vegan, so I would take an algae oil instead. I found one from Norsan with 2000 mg of Omega-3 per teaspoon (, but I don’t know. Do you think that would be a good choice?

    Thank you.

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