How hard can it be? Consult on Blockchain/Bitcoin

Executive Summary: How to make money consulting on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology

Two steps: 1. Learn it, 2. Consult

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There is a way, do you have the will?

Hardly anybody knows anything about Blockchain.

That leaves huge room for you to make money.

If you’re reasonably intelligent and used to learning things quickly through deep focused work, you should read up on Bitcoin/Blockchain, package a convincing offer and start consulting. 20 hours of preparation is plenty in this context. Then you’ll learn enough to become a true expert over the following 100h.

I think most organisations, authorities and companies need (and want) to understand the technology. In addition, I’m certain they’ll soon start budgeting for training their employees.

So, what you need to do, if you want to make money and become an expert in a very hot area, despite lacking an education, is this:

  1. Learn about Bitcoin. You could start by reading Princeton‘s recently released free text book on the subject (perhaps “Princeton” is enough to make you see this is a highly lucrative area, or soon will be)
  2. Create a clean and fresh website, and demonstrate your knowledge (it will become clear after reading up on it)
  3. Create a few template applications and offers, i.e., ideas of how and why your local start-ups, your multinational HQs, your municipal authorities, politicians, police etc. should use knowledge about the Blockchain technology (you should be able to do this after bullet 1. above)
  4. Demonstrate a pedagogical streak, through extremely clear, as-to-a-child, infographs and examples, that scream to decision makers that they need to hire you to explain:
    1. Why it is important
    2. What you can use it for, or risks you want to avoid


There, free advice for you or that unemployed friend of yours (share the article!).

Consulting on Bitcoin is basically free money.

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15 Replies to “How hard can it be? Consult on Blockchain/Bitcoin”

  1. Hey Mikael,

    Interesting thoughts on generating income based off actual skill acquisition. Education has a total strangle hold on the market of let’s say, “the ability to make money,” because people think they need them to acquire skills. People don’t consider that skills are something people across the globe have and the internet enables you to connect with those people(who might charge a small, modest fee compared to traditional tuition.)

    I’ll definitely be checking this out but I am not sure where I will print those 300 pages, because I would focus more reading/high-lighting from paper. Might ask for my laptop back from a friend and see how the pdf looks there(phone screen is small and forces left/right scrolling.)

    Bitcoin interested me after rearing it’s head but I found it confusing like most people.

    Shawn Michael Hartwell

    1. I read it on my Kindle. I downloaded the pdf and converted it to Mobi using Calibre. Quite convenient, easy on the eyes, no carbon printing footprint, no mass to carry around…

  2. Great article Mikael,
    I work for a Bitcoin related startup ( and can say that this field is expanding very quickly.
    There are already whole platforms and social networks ( being built that will enable wide usage of the blockchain for any application.
    It’s especially interesting field for programmers, the possibilities are limitless.
    Thanks for spreading the word out, we need more smart people in this area.

  3. Ive been studying this for a couple months now and even did a presentation in my school. Most never heard of it. About 97% still don’t know about Bitcoin,Cryptocurrency, and Block-chain Technology. The way I got into it is by another upcoming company. I will not spam aha. Company is experiencing tremendous growth with a big user base. Anyway them banks and most industries dont know what coming but its tech look at uber,Air bnb,Ali baba, Fb; that why it’s changing so fast.

    A question how exactly would one go about starting it? Like call a business up or talk to some people then charge how much? Would you be consulting on how to use it,set up a wallet, safe pass usage and so on? I would appreciate you thought. Thank you very much for the post as well, a good post friend.

  4. Amazing post. We are planning to start a small business in US but before we need some strong idea and tricks on International trade. Someone suggested us about PSD global, It seems PSD global is an International Trade consultant which provides good information and idea to how we can grow our business and many more. Planning to consult.

  5. It’ѕ reaⅼly a nice and helpful piece of info.
    I am satіsfied that you simρly shared this helpful
    information with us. Please keep us up to date like this.
    Thanks for sһaring.

  6. I appreciate that you shared this very important article that gives me hope to start doing consulting on bitcoin. OpenKnowledge is the best way to go.

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