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If you’ve read anything on my site before, you know I’m not a trader. I’m an investor.

Anyway, Aaron at Chat With Traders still wanted to talk to me… We did touch upon the financial markets, but we also ventured into the realm of automation, AI and the technological Singularity.

To be perfectly clear, I’m not “The European Hedge Fund Manager Of The Decade”. What I am, or was, is the Managing Director, Partner (1 of 3) and Portfolio Manager (1 of 3) of the hedge fund that was awarded the prize as “The European Hedge Fund Of The Decade” for its performance in the decade 2000-2009.

And here it is, the interview that was released today, April 14, 2016. Remember to sign up for future episodes of Chat With Traders. (and MY newsletter as well)


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  1. It was refreshing to hear your voice talking about your last 2 posts on AI and in your own words.

    Thanks for doing the podcast, I would have been weary too.

    Plus the interviewer seems to undermine your choices and be terribly one-sided at times. “Oh will AI be a problem Mikael” – Well no shit bro, have you even been reading my blog lately? Unemployment? Domination from certain countries? New warfare? Automation limiting entropy, and entropy is favoured. Humans want connection (Cheeky Parietal lobe or, dorsal anterior cingular cortex), Maternal Opiates etc, all of the automation takes away what humans love dearly, emotion. But on the longside capitalism & growth will always favour efficiency. So automation will happen just like mafias ensure that immigrants make it to italy’s coast because they profit from the smuggling capabilities.

    I am glad many people don’t think much. The world would be even more competitive then.

    Survival at its finest right. The key.

    Right Mikael?

    1. I think the development of AI will surprise us all.

      People think Einstein was out of this world, but he was less smarter than humans than humans are smarter than apes. An AI would soon multiply that distance 10s, 1000s, millions and eventually trillions of times.

      1. Exactly. Exactly. The brain has not evolved for over 90ka (90,000 years)…

        The psychology & structure is the same, with the advent of the web allowing for even more manipulation.

        AI & efficiency go hand in hand as which medieval craft guilds would hire as few people as possible with the lowest wage etc. So in a way, we haven’t changed. The frontal cortex being the frontal cortex has not changed, neither has the amygdala, or the limic system etc. But with the possibility that AI can interpret human psychology based on all the content available on the cloud. That in itself is enough to stimulate my amygdala for fear/ (BIG LOL here. – We will be fucked eventually)

        So in fact, you are right the mind of einstein, was he great? Or is that a matter of opinion, would you rather say the boss of Ndrangheta or the oligarchy leaders, or the Camorra, or the LOS ZETA’s management in themselves were more “mentally crafty”…

        Yet the world is not based on MC^2…. Yes it helped us evolve & be more efficient, but in a way. What was considered great in english/german/dutch. Was not readily available for Chinese/Japanese etc, so in a way Sun Tzu’s the art of war etc was not translate till a couple centuries ago. In a way aswell China hold monopoly power in warfare… Etc etc, not to bog down Einstein, but he’s great for us folk who know him. What about those whom I mentioned who run global drug trades in excess of 100 billion. What takes more “smartness” or “creativity” or “intellectual strategic ability”?

        Do I make a strong argument in the fact of survivability? Einstein was great and all, but you don’t walk into a supermarket and demand lunch, you have to survive, something which would not have been possible if Einstein’s father was not an entrepreneur *Hate the term because all these modern day wankers think they are “entrepeneur” etc.

        Oh hey, Time journal is owned by MNC’s in terms of shares, political agenda ? Pumping their own interests etc.

        So what is smartness? – Aye the ability to survive better than your fellow human. Something which I reckon we both would agree on AI would be better at.

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