Universe 101 – humanity’s entropic abyss

I just wanted to share this magically brilliant podcast episode with Joscha Bach.

I’m so stoked after listening to it (twice), that I’m actually considering starting an entire podcast, based on just this single episode with Lex Fridman.

The series would go through concept after concept (AI, consciousness, world building, societal construction, great thinkers, love, law, meaning, intelligent gas giants constructing living cells to use as Von Neumann Probes, Wittgenstein, the sense of self, intelligence, modelling the universe, Mandelbrot fractals, automata, the end of the current civilization), trying to elaborate and comment on Joscha Bach’s thoughtful, genius, amazing, original, and inspiring analysis of everything worth considering.

Yes, you heard me.


If 42 isn’t the answer, Joscha probably knows what is.

My 3-hour morning walk round Stockholm this morning became the most perfect exercise of intellectual flow I think I’ve ever experienced, thanks to Joscha and Fridman. This episode has it all, especially if you’re already reasonably well versed in current ideas about consciousness, existence, mind, large language models, emergence, entropy, category theory, and much more.


I’m seriously considering it. Making a series of podcast episodes delving into one topic at a time, based on Joscha’s anwers in the Lex Fridman Episode #101.

This is NOT the 101 course of existence

It’s the really Deep End.

Now it’s time to hit replay once more

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It's surely more work than I thought to understand all of it (math and logic doesn't really come naturally to me, I am a psychologist by career and humanities oriented my entire life), but it provides me with the exact hobby/intellectual challenge that I was looking for. I also really like the overall background of you Mikael and Ludvig (long time fan of Ludvig's blog) and how the lectures are structured and taught.

The overall system seems to me much more thorough and well thought (esp. the emphasis on the P = FxV formula and the overall picture it so far gave me) of than anything else I found online in my two or so humble weeks of being interested in investing. I am very impressed as yet!

Thanks for bringing this to English.

Glad to hear this can help Karl! Of course, use it with a name, would be glad to spread this course, I take it for an excellent investment that I've made. Best of luck with marketing of this, it's a really awesome system!!


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