Finance Minister Borg hooks up with pop fraudster I schooled in court

This is fun.

-and just for fun, you won’t find anything useful in this post

The former Swedish finance minister, Anders Borg, who in 2012 was listed as Europe’s best finance minister has filed for divorce to hook up with Dominika Peczynski.

About a year ago, I finally beat her in court on account of fraud

(regarding 6 000 USD, plus interest, that I had lent to her [while she was writing a book for my publishing company, Hydra] to cover her overdue taxes. Since lending her the money she avoided me as well as the Swedish Enforcement Authority for several years, despite appearing on live TV several times during the ‘chase’)

By the way, the bearded guy on the left, Alexander Bard, currently judge in Swedish Idol, has also written for Hydra: about brain science and psychology.

Other writers at Hydra include Johan Norberg, known for Financial Fiasco a book about the financial crisis of 2008.

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