Hardy Haberland Magic

Hardy Haberland has done it again.

Recorded me on video 😃! We talked for about 100 minutes about purpose, investing, failure, growth, psychedelics, books, philosophy, and more.

Check out his site for the previous 3 times I was on, as well as the other 346 episodes. 

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here. The interviews get a big boost from his infectious smile!

If you prefer audio only, you can, e.g., find his show here on Spotify



  1. Always great to hear your perspectives. Had “hour between dog and wolf” sitting on my shelf for a few months, and picked it up yesterday. Best of luck with the HF!

  2. Great to hear more about your mistakes in unlisted companies. I generally learn more from this than hearing about success only. One question to Micke: if you look on your overall return from your listed investments vs your angel investments over a longer period of time – have the listed outperformed the angel investments or is it the other way around? Or maybe it is hard to tell as some of your angel investments transformed into successful listed ones?
    I invest in both categories myself so it is interesting to learn about experiences from those with a very long track record.

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