New cleaned up version of the eBook

The Retard just got retarder

I cleaned up a little, streamlined the use of bold, italics and colors etc. Oh, and I put me on the cover. Somehow the page count inflated to 150 pages…

The text is the same as before though. I’ll include the link to the new version in the next newsletter.

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2 Replies to “New cleaned up version of the eBook”

  1. I need this as a print version (for my bookshelf of awesomeness) and as an audio version (since I am too lazy to read books).

  2. hi Mikael, I listened to a few interviews with you on podcast and am fascinated by your experience. curious to learn more about your views on investing, personal development, and life in general.

    was wondering how can i get a copy of your ebook? i tried to find it on Amazon but seems it’s not available there.

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