I see a pattern: Consciousness, depression and AI

Topic: A series of tweets regarding (artificial) consciousness and depression

Length: Tweetishly short

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  1. Interesting that my first comment returning to the blog after a long time [i was one of the first commenters here] is built on some synchronicity actually. Last week i opened up to friends and loved ones about being in long term depression, and not a few days pass and i see your post about depression, through the lens of AI and consciousness.

    Too many synchronous moments with people i respect all happening vaguely around the same time.

    Hope all is well with you, Mikael.


  2. Your error is treating “consciousness” as a binary variable. For those who have experienced only one degree and kind of “consciousness” that might be as natural as a light switch assuming that electricity is completely described by the states “on” and “off”.

    • Twitter, bro!

      It might sem as if I think of C. as on or off. I definitely don’t. That said, I do, however, consider a stone being so far down the C. ladder I consider it a zero conscious entity.

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