The Investing Course is launching soon

It’s finally time!

Since making the Swedish finance course several years ago together with Ludvig Sunström, we’ve had a ton of people asking:

“When is the English version coming?”


Thanks to a request from business students at London Business School early last year, I finally got started adapting the course for an English audience. The request triggered a 14 hour lecture series over three weekends for a group of finance students at LBS. The video and other material from that course subsequently inspired the structure and basis for The Investing Course.

After fine tuning the Swedish 12-week version over 7 installments and 600 participants, we are finally ready to release the condensed and improved 6-week English version. We are currently planning for a launch in September 2023, in a classic back to school approach.

The Investing Course is a 6-week long online course that teaches you how to find, analyze, value and invest in stocks
(To be clear: This is not a course about short-term trading, crypto, FX, options, or whatever is currently popular on social media)

The core emphasis is on fundamental analysis, understanding business models, and finding out whether a stock is cheap by using valuation methods.
In the Investing Course you will learn:

  1. How to find worthwhile stocks (Search & Screen)
  2. How to analyze different types of stocks (Research & Forecast)
  3. How to see if a stock is cheap by triangulating 7 methods of valuation
  4. How to interpret company reports and understand financial ratios
  5. How to build a Watchlist for monitoring stocks over the long-term
  6. How to rank your investment ideas by risk and reward, and manage a portfolio
  7. How to time your trades better with technical and macroeconomic assessments
  8. How to write a compelling investment case to share with others

And much more….

You will simply learn the fundamental skills used by professional stock analysts like myself
After completing the course you will:

  1. Have analyzed and made a valuation for your first stock
  2. Receive a list of ~100 quality stocks from different categories worth analyzing (and perhaps adding to your portfolio)
  3. Have started a Watchlist system for monitoring stocks with target prices and various other metrics, which will help you greatly over the long-term

You will also have free access forever to all the (continuously updated and expanded) course materials and the alumni community.

We are excited for the Investing Course and think it’ll be great.

So – if you want to learn the important skill of company valuation and how to analyze stocks, join the waiting list and you’ll be first to know when we launch.


Free TIP: Check out TIC! It's the distillation of my 30 years as a finance professional


In just 6 weeks of online studies of videos, text documents, screen captures & spreadsheets, The Investing Course teaches you how to Identify, Analyze, Invest, Optimize, Evaluate investments and asset portfolios. It's thorough, pedagogical, easy and fun (well...) for any motivated student.

Join the growing list of very satisfied participants like Pavel Pek below

So far I really love the course!

It's surely more work than I thought to understand all of it (math and logic doesn't really come naturally to me, I am a psychologist by career and humanities oriented my entire life), but it provides me with the exact hobby/intellectual challenge that I was looking for. I also really like the overall background of you Mikael and Ludvig (long time fan of Ludvig's blog) and how the lectures are structured and taught.

The overall system seems to me much more thorough and well thought (esp. the emphasis on the P = FxV formula and the overall picture it so far gave me) of than anything else I found online in my two or so humble weeks of being interested in investing. I am very impressed as yet!

Thanks for bringing this to English.

Glad to hear this can help Karl! Of course, use it with a name, would be glad to spread this course, I take it for an excellent investment that I've made. Best of luck with marketing of this, it's a really awesome system!!


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