How 1 random act can create 4 times as many rainbows

Topic: Paying it forward, randominity, addiction and satisfaction

Length:  30 seconds

Random rewards are more addictive than predictable constant “pay”. That’s why casinos and lotteries are more exciting than work (for some people).

All sorts of companies and governments exploit this human trait. You can too, but in a good way.

More fart!

Similarly to gambling, random acts of kindness have disproportionally positive effects compared to equal acts with a higher regularity. The kicker is that you will probably feel good in proportion to the impact you’re having on the recipient. Thus, your +1n amount of random action will have +2n impact on the recipient which in turn will render you +2n happier, for a total of 4n of unicorn rainbow fart created from just 1n of sweat investment. With a little luck you can both use those 4n units as basis for future action, causing an explosive chain reaction

The challenge, however, isn’t daring to flash a creepy smile to strangers, or bothering to offer help to older people struggling with heavy bags of groceries, but to do it without making them secure their wallet & watch, and call for the police.

As a bonus you get to practice your social skills in order to be able to spontaneously approach strangers and start multiplying the farts. So, what will be your first attempt at creating rainbows?


Always be investing. Try to find and use patterns that enable compounding rewards over time, be it incentivizing your kids to take care of their spirits, bodies and minds, or just to crassly amass piles of material wealth.




  1. Wow… You got to be an aspie.
    An act of kindness to a fellow struggling human is some sort of 4 fold investment to you? Are you kind just so can YOU feel good? You’re kind just because you get a reward from it?
    That’s not kindness? “Kindness” is sacrificing yourself so the other gets the reward.
    I’d assume your Mamma and Daddy didn’t hug you enough. They we’re probably emotionally distant.

    • Ha ha, not sure if you’re trolling or not.

      If kindness is sacrificing oneself for others, why do you do it? I’m guessing it’s not because it’s the wrong thing to do, or that it feels wrong. I’m guessing you do “nice” things because you believe and feel it’s the right thing to do, i.e. it’s a selfish act.

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